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Here you will you find all the information about Ion Protocol, from our products to the backend infrastructure that enables it to all happen. If there is any additional info that you'd like us to clarify, feel free to join the community Discord here and drop us a question!


The advent of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a consensus model on Ethereum transformed how we view blockchains as trust machines by creating a system where trust could be exchanged for tangible financial value.
As an initial marketplace for this new commodity of trust, liquid staking providers became the first vendors. Shortly after, the emergence of re-staking marked the start of a new paradigm: the financialization of the commodity of trust.
Ion Protocol, founded in this context, aims to change the way we perceive credit risk for staked and re-staked assets by adopting a price-agnostic validator-native approach to underwriting trust as a commodity.
Ion is the lending platform for staked and re-staked assets. Deposit your assets in Ion and gain access to highly capital efficient loans at a low cost with minimal liquidation risk.

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