Exotic ETH-Backed Assets

Ion Protocol was designed to support any ETH-backed asset and value it accordingly as long as it has provable and retrievable ETH reserves. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Pendle positions represented by YT, PT, or LP tokens. Respectively, YT buyers receive underlying floating yields and points, PT buyers receive a fixed yield in exchange for foregoing all floating yields and points, and liquidity providers (LPs) receive additional yields from swap fees and Pendle incentives while retaining all points exposure.

  • EigenPie isolated restaking positions where the risk is segregated to individual LSTs deposited into EigenLayer.

  • Index-based LSTs catered for creating a diversified exposure to staking yield like unshETH or IndexCoop's dsETH, each backed by a basket of LST assets.

  • LP tokens backed by LSTs and ETH, including Curve and Balancer 80/20 LP tokens.

  • And more...

Supported Exotic ETH-Backed Assets


Pendle (Coming Soon!)

EigenPie (Coming Soon!)

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