What is the purpose of the Ion Protocol testnet?

The purpose of the testnet app is for users and developers to experiment with the platform's features, identify potential issues, and gather valuable feedback to improve Ion.
  • We encourage active and honest feedback so we can iterate on our design and deliver a product that suits your needs.
  • Active testnet participants and Discord members will be given priority access to new feature releases.

What are the main features of the Ion testnet?

The testnet release showcases LST Lending Markets and a rewards tracker.
  • Deposit Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) into vaults that accrue your staking rewards.
  • Borrow ETH against your position.
  • Monitor staking rewards in real-time.

Are we a liquid re-staking provider?

Nope! We're a lending platform aimed at allowing people to borrow against validator-backed assets such as LRTs. We love chatting with providers though and recommend to reach out to us on Twitter if you're interested in pursuing an integration.

What's coming next for Ion Protocol?

Future plans for Ion Protocol include:
  • Our validator-balance backed liquidation mechanism
  • Loans against re-staking positions
  • ZKML supported underwriting mechanism
  • Testnet v2: The Money Market
  • Mainnet launch

How can I participate in the Ion Protocol testnet?

To participate, first acquire testnet tokens, such as Goerli ETH, rETH, or stETH, by following the provided step-by-step guide. Then, deposit your LST and explore the testnet. You can find more information and resources at

How can I provide feedback and stay updated on Ion Protocol developments?

You can join the Ion Protocol Discord community to provide feedback and follow Ion Protocol on Twitter for updates.
  • In our Discord make sure to leave your testnet-specific feedback in the testnet-feedback channel.
  • Feel free to share your experience with others as well!